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Modern Sheds. Bringing Creativity to the Backyard.

For years sheds have been known to contain garden tools, seasonal wares, and sporting equipment. Why not create a space where one can be creative in their own backyard. A private sanctuary where one can design, create, and simply be. Often know as modern sheds, backyard studios, man caves or she sheds, these small spaces are all about function & good design. You can even purchase a pre-fabricated one or create a custom design of your own.


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Some people design modern sheds to be used as their workspace or even their living space. Yoga, photography & pottery studios are all possibilities. A gas or wood burning stove can be the heat source and windows, doors, or retractable wall sections can be opened to cool the place down. The exterior claddings can have a modern look such as fiber cement panels, or tongue and groove cedar.


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Usually built out of plywood & a 2 x 4 structure, the walls are often drywalled inside & then painted. To really ramp up the design of your modern shed, lightweight urbanCONCRETE panels can be used. Really, all of the wall panels that are offered on can be used in a modern shed. What are you waiting for? Let the creative juices start flowing!

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