Faux Modern Brick Panels

Modern Brick by Quality Stone is a faux brick panel system that allows you to achieve the mid-century look of clean, uniform brick. These are exterior rated panels, but they look great indoors, too.

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Multiple brick colors to choose from.

Sold in 3.5 SQ FT panels in 6 color options.

Are you sure it’s not real? Faux ‘Sho.

Each Modern Brick panel is formed using high density polyurethane in authentic brick molds. After they are cured, each panel is hand painted, achieving the authentic look of mid-century brick.

When it’s installed, you won’t see any seams, and you won’t believe your eyes that it’s not real brick.

Why Faux Modern Brick?

Extremely Lightweight

These high-density, polyurethane panels weigh in at only 1 lb per square foot. Corners and trim available.

Why Faux Modern Brick?

Simple to Install

Modern Brick Panels are installed using overlapping finger joints for a quick and straightforward install using screws.

Why Faux Modern Brick?

Indoors or Out

High-density polyurethane panels can be used both indoors and out. They won’t crack, fade, or absorb liquid, or break down.

Sizing It Up

Sq. ft. per panel: 3.5.
Panel size: 11.5" H x 44.5" W
Panel thickness: 1"
Corners and trim available.

DIY Friendly Faux Brick Panels

Modern Brick Faux brick panels are easy to cut and install with basic carpentry tools. In a couple hours, your Modern Brick project will be complete!


Cost Savings

These easy to install panels are designed to be installed by you, saving you on installation.

Hidden Screws and Installation

Each panel connects cleanly with the next allowing for a seamless finished look.