BarnWood Faux Wood Panels

BarnWood faux wood panels from Hourwall are a durable, high-density polyurethane alternative to reclaimed wood walls. Made to look just like real barn wood, these faux wood planks are so authentic, the only thing they're missing are slivers.

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Multiple Faux Wood Options

BarnWood is available in a range of colors to fit any space.

Why Faux BarnWood?

Lightweight and Durable

These high-density, polyurethane panels are only 1lb per square foot and are impact-resistant.

Why Faux BarnWood?

Clean and Simple to Install

Each panel is free of hazards often found in real barn wood & is uniform in size, with square edges, making it easy to install.

Why Faux BarnWood?

Looks Like the Real Thing

Each barn wood plank is formed from a real piece of barn wood, then hand-painted to create an authentic, zero maintenance wood wall.

Barn Wood Planks, Revamped

It's hard to believe that a faux wood product could look so real.

Barn Wood Planks capture all the look, feel, texture, and character of real barn wood, just none of the hassles. Planks are free of hazards that can sometimes be found in real barn wood such as lead paint, arsenic, insects, etc

Why go faux when you can go real? Our Barn Wood Planks offer consistent thickness & size, are waterproof, and come in a uniform finish.

Class A Fire Rated

Safety First!

Some applications or installs may require higher fire resistance.

BarnWood panels are Class A fire rated and can be used around most electric and gas fireplaces*.

*Always check your fireplace manual for proper materials & clearances

Sizing It Up

6" x 48" BarnWood Panels

Each panel covers 2 sq. ft.
Panels are approx. 1/2" thick.

DIY-Friendly Wood Wall Panels

Faux BarnWood panels are designed with you in mind! They're easy to cut and install using screws, so you can save time and money on labor costs!

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