Patio Possibilities: 5 Stylish Tips

A warm summer night spent with friends on a patio equals pure bliss. Patio spaces are meant to be enjoyed with others and should be warm, comfortable & don’t forget stylish! Here are a few tips for sprucing up your patio space, whether it is a small balcony or an expansive rooftop patio.


  1. Set the Mood with Patio Lighting

Proper lighting sets the mood & creates ambience to the space. Strings of LED patio lights are an effective way to cast a warm glow over your patio & to set a summery vibe. If your space does not have a spot to attach the patio light strands from, create a DIY patio light post by cementing a post within a planter. Simply string the patio lights from this post to a tree or create a few of these posts to position in a triangular formation around the patio.

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  1. Eating Area

What better way to enjoy a summer evening then having a meal outside. Create comfortable dining tables with a live edge piece of wood as a table top. Not only will the dining area blend in to the natural landscape, but it will also hold up well to the elements. Pair trendy dining chairs with the wood table to create a pinterest-worthy photo.


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  1. Upgrade the Seating

Outdoor furniture does not have to be uncomfortable or an eyesore. Upgrade your seating options with stylish furniture offering clean, modern lines and comfort. Mid-century Acapulco chairs are not only comfortable but offer a gorgeous aesthetic. Position these around a fire pit or Butterfly Chairs just like the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs.


  1. Create Intimate Spaces

It is important to create well-laid out spaces for different purposes. For example, a warm & cozy fire area should be equipped with side tables for drinks & smore making. Other important spaces to create are a dining area and a lounge area. The lounge area should have comfortable seating and ample space for coffee tables and side tables. Privacy screens are a great option to divide and define a space.


  1. Build an Outdoor Kitchen/Bar

To really amp up the entertainment factor, building an outside bar or kitchen is a great way to go. Having drinks & food preparation right next to the entertaining space not only creates ease of hosting but also adds to the summery vibe feeling of the space. Having a signature cocktail ready to serve on the patio is a perfect way to get guests feeling comfortable. Make it a serve your own option by having glasses & drinkware ready to go. Modern Brick panels are a perfect way to add texture to your bar area:

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