It’s Spring! Time to Renew Our Spaces & Incorporate 2023 Furniture Trends

With the arrival of each new season, we have the chance to renew our homes and improve our spaces' design, beauty and utility. Before you read more, remember there are no "rules" for decorating your home other than to do what makes you happy and fits your lifestyle and personal design style.

So what interior furniture trends are popular for Spring 2023? 

This spring, many well-liked interior design ideas are beginning to take center stage. They include restorative outdoor and indoor living areas, soft, rounded color schemes and furniture designs, and even inspiration from old libraries!

In springtime, the sensory sensations of our houses are more crucial than ever because we all want them to feel like a sanctuary. As people remodel their homes this spring, there will be a focus on designing spaces that promote rest and recovery. This will be achieved through specific design and material choices as well as focusing on lighting, sound, and tactility. By combining cozier furniture, plush throw blankets, ambient lighting, and calm, neutral color schemes to set the atmosphere, you can easily create restful & healing places in your home.

1. Biophilic Design in the Bedroom 

We can see how bedrooms are evolving into serene, resort-like areas where we can unwind, rejuvenate, and heal as we continue to rethink how we utilize our spaces and design them around optimal comfort and functionality. 

The headboard has developed into a fantastic focal point in bedroom décor and is a perfect way to incorporate biophilic design: bringing nature inside.

You can incorporate natural materials like rattan, cane, leather, jute, wicker, pottery, and woven lighting into headboards and other bedroom furniture.

Another super easy and durable way is to create a stylish headboard with natural wall textures like wood or brick, transforming your bedroom into a perfect space for unwinding, yoga, or meditation. You can easily incorporate a wood wall into a bedroom´s headboard by designing a large structure with layers and covering it using wood panels. You'll automatically get an authentic feel of nature in the space.

2. Cozy, Textile Lounge Chairs 

In an attempt to achieve a sanctuary feel in a room, choosing an armchair or two with cozier material & soft edges allows just that. Furniture that lets one kick back & relax but still looks stylish is a 2023 furniture trend that will likely be around for a long time. Neutral boucle furniture, such as a sherpa accent chair, have set the tone for a Spring 2023 top furniture pick. Setting the atmosphere with other textiles like throw blankets, layering rugs, and adding raw textured walls,  you can easily create a sanctuary-like space in your home.

3.Curved, Rounded Furniture Shapes

Following along the same lines as cozy lounge chairs and wood headboards, another Spring 2023 Furniture Trend is to  highlight shapes that offer curved & rounded edges. 

Curved sofas are one of the many examples of using soft curves to instill a relaxing environment, establishing a calming home that benefits mental and physical health. A graceful, oval shaped, mid-century coffee table provides a modern look & often mixes materials like stone and wood. Curved edges soften a space while also acting as a vintageware piece of furniture. Ottomans will also be sleek but have curved shapes to soften the space & make you want to relax! Incorporating unique finds into our homes is an important piece to create a sense of familiarity & nostalgia.

4. Cozy, Library-Like Vibe

Who doesn’t love the feel of an old dark, studious library? Dark Academia is a 2023 Furniture Trend that incorporates rich wood tones & dark colors. Leather will still be used widely this year. Raw textured surfaces can create a dark, academic feel to a space. These textures contrast with modern furniture, creating a serene space where one can relax, recharge, and restore.

Wall-to-wall built-ins in a room washed in neutrals and raw surfaces work well with the dark academia vibe. For a modern twist to the trend, add small pieces of color. Think a colorful sofa, art books, a zebra-print stool, or a sunshine yellow painting. Just add your personal touch and enjoy a perfect space for focus and relaxation!

We hope that you find these ideas helpful and we wish you all the best in renewing your space this Spring. Don’t forget to always work in those special, personal items when you decorate your home rather than merely adhering to the newest design trends! 

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