What Can I Cover a Boring Pillar With?

Pillars have the power to elevate the aesthetics of your home, adding a touch of grandeur and elegance. However, sometimes these structural elements are placed in less visually appealing spots, leaving them looking plain and unfinished. So, what can you do to cover a boring pillar and enhance its appearance? In this blog, we will explore some creative options using faux stone products for columns, which are gaining popularity in the world of stone walls for homes.

1. Column Covers

Transforming your pillars has never been easier with the use of column covers. These pre-set-sized covers, can be effortlessly applied to your existing pillars, instantly upgrading their look. Column covers are available in various materials, including PVC and realistic faux stone. Quality Stone offers a remarkable 6" Post Cover that convincingly replicates the appearance of genuine stone, allowing you to achieve a high-end aesthetic effortlessly

 2. Faux Stone Pillar Panels

If you desire the look of natural stone without the need for reinforcement, faux stone pillar panels are an excellent choice. These panels are designed to interlock seamlessly, creating the illusion of a solid, authentic stone pillar. Pillar panels are essentially a faux stone column cover option that is available in different sizes. With different stone styles & colors available, you can customize your design and enjoy the visual appeal of stone without the added weight and structural concerns. 

3. Reclaimed Wood Coverings

For a rustic and charming look, consider covering your pillars with reclaimed wood. This option adds warmth and character to your home's exterior. Reclaimed wood can be custom cut to cover the pillar(s), which makes it a savvy option for a post cover option. Reclaimed wood coverings provide a unique texture and natural appeal that complements various architectural styles. 

4. Refresh with a Coat of Paint

Sometimes, a simple solution can make a significant impact. Applying a fresh coat of paint to your pillars is a budget-friendly option that instantly revitalizes their appearance. Choose a color that harmonizes with your home's overall theme and complements the surrounding elements or choose an accent color that will really make your column/post stand out!

When it comes to transforming your boring pillars, faux stone products offer an array of exciting options. From easy-to-install column covers to interlocking faux stone pillar panels, these solutions allow you to achieve the look of real stone without the hassle or cost. Reclaimed wood coverings provide a touch of rustic charm, while a fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into your pillars. Explore these trending options and give your home's exterior a stunning makeover that will leave you & your neighbors impressed.

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