Interior Design Trends 2023

Art is freedom, and something exciting about 2023 design will be that it will become more about personal expression and less about what's trendy. Different design styles are combining, not specific trends gaining or losing traction. 

The past focus on specific design trends left designers and homeowners feeling the pressure to use these concepts even if they didn’t appeal to them or fit with the design of a space.

The return of solid color, natural stone surfaces, closed floor plans, mixed metal finishes, and luxurious living are some of the most well-mentioned interior design trends for 2023.

 This year is the moment to get creative and innovative. In contrast to the maximalist style, which promotes layered textures, color, and vintage objects, modern minimalism frequently uses clean lines, neutrals, and black components. In 2023, you would incorporate both these styles in your space. 

The primary purpose is the balance and feeling for the inhabitant of the space, so a suggestion would be to use natural materials like wood, stone, wool, linen, and rattan to embrace and connect various design philosophies with the desired concept for the look and feel of the design. Alternately, you might include layered textures, warm wood tones, vibrant colors, grid-patterned carpets, plush pillows, and throws into a more fitted environment to embrace this trend. Mastering the blend of traditional elegance and contemporary simplicity is the key to designing a luxury space that is both warm and elegant. For ideas and inspiration, consult Dwell magazine or Vogue.

Natural stone finishes are currently in vogue, especially those that feature unusual tones and patterns. This trend will last through 2023. Using natural stone surfaces brings with it a certain charm and patina, so don't be afraid of the dings, scratches, and stains that are an inherent part of living in and loving your home. Vintage items that tell a story and hold their original charm and character are also in demand right now. Blending the old with the new always creates interest & allows a person’s unique style to shine through.

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Sumptuous sofas, soft cushions, plush bedding, areas for yoga or meditation, spa-like restrooms, rock gardens, and quiet places to work are becoming essentials in people's homes as a way to create a retreat-like atmosphere. Whether it's a beach house, European villa, or a cozy mountain lodge, this trend is all about evoking the feelings of your favorite vacation destination.

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Expect the use of multiple metal finishes for fixtures and hardware in 2023, both from designers and homeowners. Not just in the kitchen and bathroom but also on hardware like doorknobs, curtain rods, ceiling, hinges, and more throughout the house.

Mixing metals provides visual interest to your house. It is a style that will remain popular through 2023 and beyond, regardless of whether you strive for a sleek, modern, timeless, or traditional design.

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The popularity of black home decor accents, and finishes is anticipated to increase over the upcoming year, even though this is a carryover from 2022. Any room may benefit from the contrast, drama, and refinement that black accent pieces and hardware bring, especially when combined with other neutral colors like tan and white. This is especially true as we incorporate more statement lighting, opulent accents, and mixed metal finishes in our homes.


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Finally, unfinished concrete will once again be used as a building material in 2023. There will also be an emphasis on practicality and the use of industrial products. As a decorative element for interiors, concrete is making a significant return to our spaces, this time to create tranquil settings. In contrast to earlier brutalist designs, the new style takes a softer approach and pairs natural features like wood, stone, and plants with concrete to create a cozier and more inviting feel.

We hope you found this post useful, regardless of your preferred interior design style: coastal, modern farmhouse, Scandinavian, minimalist, Japanese, traditional, eclectic, or something in between. The great thing about most of the 2023 design trends and home fashions is that they ought to endure, so we'll be able to take pleasure in them for years to come.

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