7 Ways To Spruce Up Your Office Space For 2021

As folks get back to working in person rather than from Zoom, it might be time to think about updating your office space. 

Whether you want to make a statement with your office lobby, create an urban vibe in a boardroom, or build a creative space for your staff to brainstorm in, we’ve got some ideas! 

Here are 7 ways to elevate your office design. 

1. Upgrade your entryway with mixed natural textures

Mixing natural materials is a great way to create a clean yet still inviting space. Here, John Hart has combined concrete, marble, wood, and leather to add texture and interest to this open entryway. 

Tip: Use materials in similar color tones to create a cohesive look. The light grey concrete wall works well with the cool white marble, and the tobacco leather couch plays off the natural wood nicely. 

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2. Make a stairwell stand out 

If you’ve got an exposed staircase or floating staircase in your office, make the most of it by punching up the wall behind it. Don’t worry, you don’t need to hire an expensive contractor to get the look. 

Real or faux brick and concrete panels are an easy way to add texture and dimension without adding too much work, and they come in a variety of colors and styles. 

Tip: If your stairs and railings are dark, go with a light, neutral backdrop like the white brick shown above. If your stairs are lighter, you can keep it light and airy with or go darker with rustic red bricks or mid-grey board-formed concrete like the photo above. 

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3. Build a creative working space for your staff

Rather than making your staff stare at white or beige walls all day, inspire creativity with bold and unique surfaces. Whether in brainstorm spaces, offices, or even the staff room, a feature wall can go a long way.

4. Create a welcoming lobby with wood tones

Set the tone with a warm, welcoming lobby that incorporates multiple wood tones and textures. Mixing light and dark woods with the mid-century style furniture like they’ve done here creates a waiting room worth spending time in! 

Tip:  Our real distressed wood planks can be configured on the wall however you wish, so you aren’t limited to any one design. We love the chevron pattern used above! 

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5. Differentiate your board rooms with unique feature walls

A single feature wall can make a BIG difference in changing the tone of a boardroom. If you have multiple boardrooms in your office, you can use different wall panels in each to create memorable, and inspiring spaces.

6. Showcase awards against an on-brand background

Why display awards against a boring background? Make them stand out against a unique feature wall. The concrete panels here work well for Crane Steel Structures, but you could also use brick, wood, or even stone if that suits your brand better. 

Tip: It’s easy to attach shelves and hang awards on any of our faux wall panel panel products. Simply use an anchor and screw like you would with drywall, and you’re all set. 

7. Use partial walls to create faux rooms

One challenge with open spaces is how to create functional spaces or “rooms” without losing the airy feel. You can add visual breaks in an open space by using partial walls or dividers. But don’t limit yourself to drywall! 

This one uses our RealCast Board-Formed concrete panels to add texture and style to this modern office.

Tip: Partial walls can also be used to create directional flow, similar to hallways, without completely blocking off a space. 

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