8 ways to use metal I-beams in interior design

Introducing Faux Steel I-Beams to Wall Theory

Few things are as exciting for us at Wall Theory than when we get to introduce a new product that we KNOW will revolutionize the approach to interior design. And today, we get to do that with brand new faux steel I-Beams

These beams are currently in pre-production, but we couldn’t wait to tell you about them! They’ll be made from 100% pure PVC and will be colored throughout for a genuine steel look, at just 2.2 lbs per square foot.

Compared to a typical heavily-weighted steel beam, we are so excited to think about all the design opportunities this creates. 

They are simple to cut and a breeze to install, just like all our other products. Can’t wait to see them? Get in touch to place your pre-order today and be on the very first shipment! 

In the meantime, we thought we’d show you some design inspiration for exposed steel beams.

8 ways to use metal beams in interior design

Here are some looks you can achieve with our Faux Steel I-Beams. No additional structural supports required! 

1. Add a separation to an open concept space

2. Use steel beams to accent a wood ceiling

3. Frame your kitchen with exposed beams 

4. Carve out a walkway 

5. Create an elegant dining statement piece 

6. Create the illusion of a doorway 

7. Add visual blocking to a large wall 

8. Add dimension to a ceiling 

Ready to start planning your I-Beam design project? Explore the product and get in touch to pre-order yours! 

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