6 DIY-Friendly Headboard Alternatives For A Stylish Bedroom

When it comes to designing a bedroom, the headboard is one of the most important pieces to think about. 

Whether you’ve got a big space or a small one, these DIY-friendly headboard ideas are sure to spark some inspiration.

1. Distressed wood panel headboardWall Theory Bedroom HeadBoard using Black-Ish real distressed wood planks

Headboard using our Black-Ish Real Distressed Wood Planks

To add a rustic feeling to your bedroom, you can’t get much better than distressed wood. You can go warm and rugged with a dark toned barn wood, or fresh and airy with white washed wood. Or try a mix of colors!

The great thing is you can make it whatever size you wish! You can cover an existing headboard, do an entire feature wall, or just carve out a section as tall and wide as you’d like behind the bed.

Our Distressed Wood Panels are easy to install directly onto the wall, or over an existing wood headboard that you’d like to spruce up. 

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2. Oversized Art

There’s nothing quite as personal as art, so why not make it the centrepiece of your bedroom? 

You can try making your own abstract or geometric art, printing off a photo you’ve taken yourself, or just hanging something you find in your travels that catches your eye. 

3. A BoardFormed Concrete Half Wall

Board-formed concrete headboard using our RealCast Board-Form Panels in Natural Grey

A half wall is a great way to add a dramatic look to a room without overpowering it. We love board formed concrete because it combines the minimalist and modern feel of concrete with the texture and warmth of wood grain. 

It’s easy to get the look with our RealCast Board Form panels, which you can just glue or screw right to the wall. 

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4. Hanging blanket or tapestry headboard


For a chic and personalized approach to a headboard, try hanging a tapestry or  blanket above your bed. This also gives you the option to switch out your style as often as you’d like. 

Use a curtain rod or quilt rack mounted to the wall to give yourself a clean line. 

5. Concrete feature wall

Faux concrete feature wall using our URBANConcrete Panels

If the minimalist look is your style, concrete slabs might be just the ticket. By creating an entire feature wall behind your bed, you can make a big statement while still keeping that clean, minimalist look. And it’s easier than you might think.

Faux concrete wall panels look just like the real thing, without the weight or the hassle to install. Our URBANConcrete panels are just 1 lb per square foot and can be screwed or glued to the wall in an afternoon. 

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6. Repurposed Shutters or doors


A DIY-friendly option for a headboard is repurposed shutters! You can often find these at reuse centres and thrift stores. 

Simply paint them to match your decor and lean them against the wall! You could also hang them horizontally for a different effect.  


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