Modern Brick Corner - Tuxedo 1" Modern Brick Corner - Tuxedo 1" Modern Brick Corner - Tuxedo 1"

Modern Brick Corner - Tuxedo 1"

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Product Description

Modern Brick corners are panels used for outside corners and come in lefts and rights. When working up a wall, these corner panels are used to wrap around outside corners so there is no need to miter. Left Corner Panels should be alternated with Right Corner Panels along your corner to create the most natural look.


Bold and stylish just like the real thing, Tuxedo Modern Brick panels will not disappoint. Made of lightweight, polyurethane, these panels simply screw to the wall. Tuxedo Mid-Century Brick panels create a timeless backdrop that works well in any space.

Available in 6 different colours, these mid-century brick panels are made of high-density polyurethane making them extremely lightweight & easy to install. Molded from real mid-century bricks, Quality Stone Modern Brick Panels look just like authentic mid-century bricks and give you the freedom to put brick on any walls you like. 

These faux brick panels are easily cut with a normal wood saw blade & are glued or nailed to your wall using simple tools. Quality Stone Modern Brick panels are hand painted and have a staggered brick pattern on the ends. A textured, grout-like caulking is used to hide all seams, making for a seamless installation.

Benefits of Faux Brick Panels
- Authentic look
Simply screw or glue 
Extremely lightweight
Easy to install and finish
Fraction of the cost of real brick walls


WIDTH: ~25 1/2" / 5 1/2 "

HEIGHT: ~111/2 "