Faux Stacked Stone Panels - Rustic Tan Faux Stacked Stone Panels - Rustic Tan Faux Stacked Stone Panels - Rustic Tan Faux Stacked Stone Panels - Rustic Tan

Faux Stacked Stone Panels - Rustic Tan

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Rustic Tan

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Quality Stone - Rustic Tan - Textured Caulking


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Quality Stone - Rustic Tan - Touch-Up Paint Kit


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Product Description

Rustic Tan Stacked Stone has all the rugged charm of a mountain cabin, with its warm brown and tan tones. A beautiful and easy way to add character to any interior or exterior space!


No matter if your walls are bare or wallpapered, Quality Stone Faux Stone Panels will instantly give your surfaces style and character. Each Quality Stone Faux Panel is hand painted ensuring that there isn’t a repeating pattern. They are built to last and don’t peel, crack, or fade in the elements.

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Product Specs

Material: High-density polyurethane

Ledge Stone

Width: ~46 3/4" W x 6" H

Panel thickness: ~ 1 1/2"

SQ.FT. Per Panel: ~2

Ridge Stone

Width: ~46 1/4" W x 11 1/4" H

Panel thickness: ~1 1/2"

SQ.FT. Per Panel: ~3.64

Stacked Stone

Width: ~47 1/16" W x 6 1/4" H

Panel thickness: ~1 1/2"

SQ.FT. Per Panel: ~2

Product Sheets

Interior or exterior use


Realistic stone look






Class-A fire rated (optional)

Faux Stone? Faux Real.

Quality Stone Faux Stone Panels are the most realistic faux stone panel on the market. Each panel is molded from real laid stones, then hand painted for an authentic finish. The panels are tongue and groove ensuring for a proper fit and easy install.

Why Faux Stone?

Extremely Lightweight & Realistic

Panels are cast from real stones and are made of closed-cell polyurethane and are only 1 lb. per square foot.

Why Faux Stone?

Simple to Install

Each panel has a tongue and groove system to lock panels together. The panels are simply cut by a normal saw blade and mechanically fastened to the wall. Corner panels are available in all styles."

Why Faux Stone?

Cost Savings

These panels are designed to be installed by you, saving you on installation.