Creative & Stylish Deck Skirting Ideas

Deck skirting options to finish the underside of your deck 

So you’re building a deck. Congrats! You’ll have your own little oasis to enjoy for years to come. But have you thought about the underside of your deck? 

It’s super important to finish the bottom of your deck, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to protect it from unwanted debris and pests. Do it right, and it can also increase the value of your home.

Alternatives to lattice deck skirting

Lattice is one of the most common deck skirting options because it’s cheap, but with its affordability comes a traditional look, which doesn’t always work with all design aesthetics.  

We’ve got some different options to finish off the underside of your deck that will add style & stand up over time.


1. Faux Stone Panels

Stone is one of the most elegant additions to a deck we can think of. It’s a timeless look that can be easy to install, thanks to products like Quality Stone Faux Stone Panels and Pillars.

These panels simply screw to wood bracing & are cut with a regular saw blade, making install easily customizable & a finished product that looks just like real stone. Panels can be easily cut, notched out & shaped to provide a finished look next to stairs.  

2. Deck Fascia Boards

Deck fascia is typically made of the same material as your deck boards. It’s a thinner, wider band that runs around the perimeter of the deck to create a seamless finish. It’s sometimes called a rim joist cover. 

Fascia boards can be used vertically if a deck is higher off the ground than a standard 12” fascia board. Most maintenance-free decking companies provide matching fascia. Pairing faux stone panels with deck fascia is a great deck skirting option. 

3. Brick Veneer

Image from Macon Warner Robinson Decks and Patios.

Similar to stone deck skirting, brick veneer is a great option to finish off your deck with elegance and style.

There are real brick veneer options which will create a sturdy and rustic finish, or you can opt for exterior faux brick panels for a super easy install. 

4. Siding as Skirting

The same siding that goes on the outside of your home can easily be added to your deck! This is a fun option because you’ve got so many style choices. Vinyl deck skirting or fibre-cement siding, cedar plank, shiplap, horizontal or vertical siding, or whatever works best with your home design! 

5. The Combo Effect

Who says you have to choose just one?! Combining multiple styles of deck skirting can result in a really beautiful finish, like the fascia and faux stone combo above. 

Things to keep in mind:

We’d be remiss to talk about deck skirting without mentioning a couple very important points.


The area under your deck might be unsightly, but you still need to be able to get to it. Exterior contractors may need to get under your deck to assess foundation or grading issues, or you may even want to use that area for storage. 

Always make sure you’ve got a door, hatch, or removable panel that will give you access to the entire underside of your deck. 


The space under your deck doesn't actually need a lot of ventilation, but it should have some. Many deck experts recommend about 1 square foot total of ventilation for every 100 square feet of decking. 


What’s your favourite way to finish off a deck? Let us know over on Instagram! 

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