LANAI Premium Decking

With LANAI Premium Plank Decking you can finally get the look of beautiful interior hardwood flooring but in an exterior, maintenance-free decking product. The only PVC deck board that ships direct to you & is easy to install.

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Finally. The Look of Interior Flooring Outside.

LANAI Premium Plank Decking is available in 4 different colors. This variegated, multi-tonal PVC decking product allows the look of interior hard wood to be continued outside with it’s unique plank design.

Decking. Delivered To Your Door.

LANAI Premium Plank Decking is the only deck board that comes in easy-to-transport, 48” long Deck Planks, so this product can be shipped easily & directly to you! The Wall Theory Team is here to help you plan & order your next decking project.

We get it. Buying a deck on-line may seem daunting. Our team will:
1. Provide you a free estimate based on your deck dimensions
2. Help you place your order with the correct amount of decking & all accessories
3. Ship the entire deck package direct to you

Better Than Composite Decking

LANAI Outdoors spent years of research & development to create a line of PVC decking that would change the decking industry forever. With zero wood filler, LANAI Premium PVC Decking is more resistant than composite to mold, rot, buts, warping, heat, UV, scratching, staining... we could go on!

Why LANAI Premium Plank Decking?

A Completely Different Look

LANAI Decking looks more like interior hardwood flooring than anything on the market.

Why LANAI Premium Plank Decking?

Worry-Free Decking

These maintenance-free deck planks resist scratching, staining, cracking, mold, insects, and more. LANAI comes with a limited lifetime warranty and a 25-year fade and stain warranty.

Why LANAI Premium Plank Decking?

Comfort and Beauty

LANAI Decking is PVC so it stays cool in the heat, offers enhanced slip resistance, and has contoured seams for a foot-friendly deck experience.

Sizing It Up

LANAI is sold in bundles of 8 planks. Each deck plank is 4" x 48," making it easy to transport, store, and install.

Installer Friendly Decking

No need to worry about extra labor costs. LANAI won't take any longer to install than a typical deck build. At only 48” long, LANAI deck planks are extremely lightweight making for easy handling and install.

Hidden Fasteners

LANAI decking uses truly hidden fasteners that allow deck planks to snap into place. Even the LANAI Deck Nosing has a patented snap-in fastening system.

No Plugs or Spine Boards

Save yourself a few steps! LANAI decking doesn't require spine or break boards, and there’s no need for plugs after the install thanks to the hidden fastener system.

Less Waste

LANAI’s smaller, shorter deck planks and staggered seams result in much less waste. Each project has less than about 3% waste, compared to 10% or more on a typical decking project.