Use Accessories to Complement Existing Style and Furnishing of your Home

If you are planning to perk up the home ante without making it messy, then going with accessories is the right thing to do. From perking up the color palette to giving your home a new personality, little touches can yield big results.

Choose quality over quantity

Items that are mass produced might be inexpensive but won’t last you long. These are the items that are readily available at your local home store but these are not the kind of accessories that you would want to decorate your home with. For room accessories, less is more. Go for something that you have thought over and place it strategically. Don’t over accessorize your home or your home might end up looking very cluttered and congested.

Proportion matters

Choose accessories depending upon how much space is available in your home. You don’t want to end up with an oversized accessory which will make your room look small and make the accessory feel out of place. For instance, if you place a too-large piece of art into a small space then the whole place will look crammed and the wall will look smaller than it already was. Before impulsively buying an accessory, take the time to study the proper scale and proportion of your room. This will give you an understanding of what fits your space best. It’s the scale and proportion that will help you create a comfortable and luxurious space.

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Combine textures and colors
This is something that many houses fail to capitalize on. The combination of accessories with their existing wall colors. Inexpensive accessories can help your existing wall colors pop and help you get varying textures. Accessories, for the most part, serve the purpose of adding visual interest and contrast to a space. The beauty of accessories lies in the fact that they can be easily altered, changed or modified to suit varying moods and themes.

Use layers while adding accessories

Accessories should be thought of as layers. What it implies is that large accessories should be placed first and sparingly. The medium sized ones and the small sized ones should be used for filling in and adding a sense of balance to the scene. Also, using several small accessories can give the feel of a large accessory but then be careful. Don’t end up filling every nook and corner with accessories. Remember, less is more.

The idea with accessories is to make the already existing décor better and exquisite. With the right amount of accessories and their correct placement you can accomplish that. Accessories have to be carefully placed, it’s the placement that will really make a difference. A sense of unfamiliarity coupled with coziness is what you should be looking for when dealing with accessories. If you are looking for fun and exciting accessories, then check out Mod-ified.

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