Simple Refreshing Tips For Bathroom

Bathrooms are generally small and relatively easy to modify and make changes to. With small spaces like bathrooms, even simple changes can help you create a totally different look. So let's take a look at some simple tips that will totally refresh your bathroom.

Electrical Fixtures
Updating your electrical fixtures can help give your bathroom a different look. Not only will new fixtures add a design element to your bathroom, they can also improve functionality. Keep in mind that the finish of all the fixtures are the same so that you don’t end up having a consistency problem. Crystal and chrome is the preferred choice if you are trying to emulate a more traditional choice, while a brushed nickel finish will help you get a more modern look. Try putting everything on dimmer switches so that you can change the mood of the bathroom to your liking.

Mirrors & Cabinets
A mirror can give your bathroom a refreshing look like that of a spa. You can get mirrors in a wide variety of different frames, which are beautifully crafted and polished. A framed mirror can help you emphasize a particular look in your bathroom. From a streamlined look to a contemporary one, a framed mirror can help you achieve just that. Also, topping a cabinet with a framed mirror can add that extra oomph to your bathroom along with added usability.



Accessories are one the most cost effective home décor items. They can be especially of great importance when using them in your bathroom. You can use accessories around your sink to give your bathroom a refreshing look. Try choosing a color scheme with your accessories, which will help you create a theme in your bathroom. Along with accessories, plants and flowers can also be a great addition. This way your bathroom will always have a natural fragrance to it. If you are planning to add curtains to your bathroom, then don’t be afraid to go bold with them. Try going with graphics that are playful and colorful.


Refreshing your bathroom can be a much simpler task compared to any of the other rooms in your house. To explore some of thefine décor items for your bathroom head over to Mod-ified.

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