How to Apply Stikwood

Stikwood, a peel and stick wood decor product, calls for DIY and is a fun-based do-it-yourself activity, which can dramatically transform the entire look of your room in mere minutes. Stikwood can instantly change the whole look of your room into a rustic and modern one. It’s cost effective, easy to apply, and completely effective while intending to make your room look more modern.

Why Stikwood?

Firstly, Stikwood can be applied on the walls yourself. It can be DIY. Yes. What’s more fun than DIY projects, with just a fraction of your time and money to invest? Moreover, these come in an array of wood finishes and can be cut to the size you prefer. Stikwood allows you to hang your artwork, photo frames, and other items directly on it, without causing harm to it. Not only is Stikwood easy to apply, but it also doesn’t pose the risk of peeling off again and again. It’s highly adhesive. Lastly, with such little effort and investment, it doesn’t fail to give an overall modern-rustic look to your room.


How to apply Stikwood yourself?

Plan. Peel. Stick. That’s how easy Stikwood is to apply on your walls. Just three simple steps needed to transform your room in just a few minutes. The only tools required are a measuring tape, a pencil, utility knife, a speed square, and the only material needed would be Stikwood panels. The steps are simple and fun.

  • Clean the wall and measure the height and width to calculate how many Stikwood panels you will need.
  • Create a design. A pattern in which you want to place the Stikwood panels on the wall.
  • Place the order of how many Stikwood panels you need.
  • Draw a vertical straight line down the center of your wall as a starting point.
  • With the help of a speed square and a utility knife, measure and cut the boards.
  • Peel the boards carefully and install them on the wall in direct contact with the reference line in the center.
  • Keep sticking them closely so they remain snug.
  • Keep a few extras for the last few corners.

 For more guidance follow these DIY steps carefully and create a masterpiece in your room, by yourself. 

Stikwood paneling

How will Stikwood improve your room?

Stikwood paneling can definitely turn your room into a sky lounge with its rustic and modern texture. Moreover, the various color options give you the freedom to decorate your room in a certain way and create your desired look. Though, easily available, Stikwood panels create a completely stunning look to your room. The heavy, grandiose look they create makes it hard to believe that they are so easy to apply and maintain.

Stikwood Panels

Now you know exactly what is needed to transform your boring room into a paradise and how it is done. You might wonder where can you order your Stikwood panels from? A place that offers just the right quality and service for you. Well, the place is Purchase your Stikwoodpanels and get started on this DIY activity, enhancing your room’s look.

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