Get The Dream Bathroom With a Simple Refresh

Most home makeovers miss the bathroom, you shouldn't let that happen. To make your bathroom stylish as well as have high functionality, you really don’t need to spend a lot. With a small budget, there is much you can do to the bathroom that you have always dreamed of.

 Coordinate different accents

To help your bathroom get a sophisticated look and feel, try to give it a designers touch. This can simply be achieved by having a group of accessories that match in your bathroom. For instance, you can have your cabinets’ frame echoed by a hand towel having similar colouration or accent. This will really make you bathroom stand out, try it!


Changing the light may be a small job, but it has a big effect on your bathroom. A change of lighting will provide you with the illusion of more space. A good way to go about it, is by swapping your existing fixtures with brighter shades. Have them in scones that face up, this way the light will bounce off the ceiling and will fill your bathroom.

Add accessories & Prints

Adding accessories and fixtures to your bathroom will not only add visual appeal to your old bathroom but will also add value to it.Accessories will also help you in creating a harmonious color palette.

Prints can be another great addition to your bathroom, depending upon the type of ambience you are trying to create, prints can really come in handy. They will instantly reflect the appeal and will exude the feel and ambience that you are trying to recreate. But, be careful! With prints, you might make it awkward for your guests who might use the bathroom. So, when going with prints, it is always better to go with abstract and colourful ones.

 Frame a Mirror

A mirror is a much needed necessity in a bathroom, but it does not necessarily has to be a boring old mirror. Mirrors are available in various exciting frames that can you take your bathroom’s style quotient a notch up. Framed mirrors are not heavy on your pocket and makes for a great home décor item.

 There are a number of ideas that you can entertain to upgrade your bathroom, and make it look like the one you have always dreamed of. The key to having a great bathroom makeover is experimentation and minimalism. To incite your hidden creativity,explore Mod-ified, you will find a wide variety of home decor items over there, that will fit your budget and make your bathroom look wow!

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