4 Ways To Create Privacy For Your Deck

Coffee at sunrise, after-work cocktails, a good book in the afternoon--your deck should be your own private oasis where you can enjoy time to yourself or the company of good friends and family. 

Modern homes tend to be built close together, and many have raised decks that put you directly in the sightline of your neighbours. 

While we’re all for neighbourly interactions, we know not everyone wants to be interrupted when you’re trying to enjoy a family dinner outside. Beyond just privacy, you may be looking for wind or sun shelter or even to block out traffic noise. 

There are many beautiful and elegant ways to create privacy. Here are a few ideas to make your deck an inviting, practical space for more months out of the year. 

4 Stylish Deck Privacy Ideas

1. Aluminum Privacy Screen Panels

Wall Theory OASIS Privacy Screen in Driftwood on a wood deck

Pre-made aluminum privacy screens are without a doubt the easiest option to add privacy to your deck. The panels can be installed in no time (see the video below), so you can start enjoying your new private space right away. They look beautiful, and they are the most durable option for all kinds of climates. 

If you’ve got a green thumb, you can plant climbing vines at the base of these screens to create a lush living wall. Aluminum is durable, so most types of vine will work. Fresh grapes, anyone? 🍇

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2. DIY Privacy Fence

U-Channel Privacy Brackets shown with horizontal wood slats and wood posts

For a custom and cost-effective privacy option, U-Channel brackets can be used with wood or metal posts and any ⅚” boards you like to create a free-standing privacy fence with horizontal slats. 

Woodland aluminum privacy screen between wood slat privacy screens on a deck

We like this option because you can get creative with board colours, materials, and widths to really make it your own. You can even add other styles of privacy screens into the mix to create variety. 

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3. Lattice Planter Boxes

Planter box with lattice and pergola

Planter boxes with attached lattice screens are a great option if you’re looking for something less permanent but still effective.

Free-standing lattice planter box

Image credit: homebnc.com

You can often find planter boxes with lattice screens at garden centres or home improvement stores, but they aren’t too difficult to build yourself if you’re the DIY type. Here’s a great tutorial!

4. Outdoor Curtains

Image credit: Better Homes and Gardens 

For a delicate and versatile privacy option on a deck or patio, give outdoor curtains a try. You can create total visual privacy or open it up depending on your mood. 

Image credit: HGTV

If you’ve got a pergola or other roof-like structure over your deck, it’s easy to install curtain rods wherever you need them. If not, you may need to install posts along your deck or a gazebo to attach your curtains to. 


Don’t let a lack of privacy get in the way of enjoying your deck this summer! Explore our privacy screen options here

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