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Wood Walls

When considering revitalizing your home with a refreshing, new look one of the best and pocket friendly choices to redecorating is by using decorative wood panels. Wood panels open up an enormous range of interior and exterior design possibilities. With its wide range of surface finishes, it immediately brings a welcoming and warm beauty to your space.

Our wood panels are available in a huge selection ranging from bamboo to barn wood, log siding and other wood styles. They are perfect for bedrooms, dens, living rooms and all throughout the home, thanks to their versatility. Maintenance free wood panel works wonderfully even in commercial locations. Real wood needs refinishing and resealing, which can be an additional expense. Our wood paneling will help you create the minutest details of real wood’s texture and coloring. Our wood panels are durable and tough in the face of wear and tear, without ever fading or peeling.

Price Per Sq Ft:
~ $9.99


Real Wood - Just Glue & Stick

AS-IS BRAND Wood Walls beautifully capture the aged & distressed feel of reclaimed barn wood. AS-IS BRAND is easy to install, & does not contain any of the debris, insects, and harmful substances found in natural barn wood.

Price Per Sq Ft:
~ $10 - $14


Real Wood - Peel and Stick

Stikwood 'peel & stick' solid wood planking transforms any room with real wood - quickly and cost-effectively.

Stikwood comes in a variety of looks from contemporary to rustic.

Price Per Sq Ft:
~ $11.99


Lightweight Poly Panels - Glue or Nail

barnWOOD lightweight polyurethane boards are cast from real barn wood, capturing the aged and weathered character - down to every raised grain, knot & split. barnWOOD is fastened to the wall using screws/nails.



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