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4 Quick Sample Tips

4 Quick tips to make the most from your samples

All samples from are taken from full-size panels so you are able to see a piece of the real wall panel. Whether it is an interior brick feature wall you are thinking of doing in your kitchen or a faux stone wall on the exterior of your house, getting a sample is a great way to get started on your project. Here are a few evaluation tips for deciding on which samples will work best in your space.

1 Temporarily Install the Samples

Using two-sided or Velcro-tape, or by simply placing the samples against your wall, stand back and look at the samples in your space. Pay attention to where your eye is drawn. Observe the texture of the samples in your space. You can even cut the samples to a smaller size to see how easy it is to cut and work with the faux stone, faux brick, lightweight concrete and wood wall panels.

2 Try the Samples in Different Rooms

Move the samples to different rooms. You don’t want to cover all of your walls but you want the ones you are covering to stand out and be the focal point of your room. If you have Quality Stone faux stone samples, maybe you have two, one with smaller sized stones and one with larger sized stones. The sample with the larger stones will sometimes look better for exterior wall applications as you notice more texture and depth between the stones from a further distance away. The sample with the smaller stones will also work for an exterior stone application but will be a perfect way to add a realistic stone feature wall to a living room or kitchen island.

3 Look at the Samples at Different Times of the Day

Your samples will look different in your space throughout the day. In the middle of the afternoon your samples will likely have more sunlight on them, whereas in the evening there will be less direct light. It is also good to take photos of your samples at different times so you can reference them to compare.

4 Be Open to Other Ideas

Maybe you thought the samples you ordered would work best for your dining room wall but after trying the samples in your family room, now you want to install another feature wall behind the TV. Be open to this idea and start with one project at a time, choosing the one that is more important to you. Remember the wall cladding materials sold on are all extremely easy to install and are designed for the DIY’ers. This makes choosing a couple of projects realistic.


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