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DIY Wood Planks

DIY Wood Planks beautifully capture the aged, distressed, and weathered look of reclaimed barn wood. These boards have been crafted with the DIY'er in mind, making this the easiest wood wall project you'll ever do.

reclaimed wood bedroom wall


$9.99 Per SQ/FT.

We have a selection of colours to choose from to fit any space. *Sold in bundles of 10 SQ/FT.

Wood Wall Planks - BLACK-ISH

Wood Wall Planks - BLACK-ISH

$9.99 /SQ FT

New Wood Walls.

reclaimed wood plank


Warm up any room with the rich character and texture of reclaimed wood walls. DIY Wood Planks are made from real sustainable pine and are treated to achieve their rustic weathered reclaimed barn wood appearance. Because of the creation process, DIY Wood Plank panels are consistent in size and make for a wall plank that is easy to install.

real wood.
real awesome.

benefits of reclaimed wood


The wood for the planks comes from sustainably-farmed forests.

Clean & Safe

The planks are made from new pine wood, and are clean of hazards, like nails, paint, or arsenic.

Little to no waste

The average typically installed job has less than 5% waste.

Install it, forget it

Real wood planks require little to zero maintenance.

North American Made

The wood planks are grown, harvested, and crafted in North America.

Breathe Easy

Keep your house chemical free. Zero odors, zero VOCs.

Class A fire-rated

Interior only use.

it's all in the

Using a proprietary wood treating process with natural oils, and North American craftsmanship, each plank looks and feels like authentic reclaimed barn wood.

real reclaimed wood texture

Nail it or glue it,
and relax.

In a few hours, you can install your very own reclaimed wood feature wall. Using simple tools you already have, you can install these real wood planks in no time. The biggest issue you'll have is picking the wall to put it on.

reclaimed wood wall

You buy a box
we plant a tree.

trees for the future

Planting it forward

AS-IS Brand is a proud partner of Trees For The Future. For every box of AS-IS that is purchased worldwide, a tree is planted.

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Let's size
it up.

faux concrete panel size

WIDTH: 6" - 48"



SQ.FT. PER PANEL: 0.5 - 2 sq.ft

real wood walls.
real easy.

DIY Wood Wall Planks can be installed on any of your walls in a few hours. The wood planks are easy to cut, with a bit of glue or finishing nails, you'll be amazed at what you can do in a few hours.

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Here comes the
hard part.

Now that you know all about the planks, the last thing to do is choose your favorite color.

Wood wall planks

Wood wall planks

Wood Wall Planks - BLACK-ISH

Wood Wall Planks - BLACK-ISH

$9.99 /SQ FT
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