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Faux Classic Brick Panels

Classic Brick panels capture the look of rustic and weathered brick. Each panel is formed from real hand laid bricks, and then hand painted to create an authentic vintage brick look.

faux classic brick wall


$11.99 Per SQ/FT.

We have a selection of colours to choose from to fit any space. *Sold in 7.4 SQ/FT Panels

Brick Panels.

faux classic brick panel


Classic Brick Panels are the perfect way to add the rustic nature and nostalgic feel of worn brick, without the weight, cost, and labour of real brick. The brick panels are designed to be installed by you with a staggered finger joint system.

Each Classic Brick panel has been formed from a real brick mold and is hand painted to look truly authentic.

benefits of
faux brick.

realistic classic brick panels

Extremely Lightweight

Weighing in at only 1 lb. per sqaure foot, this feather weight panel can be installed anywhere.

Simple to install

Each panel has overlapping brick edges that are designed to fit together.

Cost Savings

These easy to install panels are designed to be installed by you, saving you on installation.

Hide Screws and Installation

Simply screw the panels to the wall, then cover screws with color matched caulking, and the installation is hidden.

Class A fire-rated

These panels have a Class A Fire Rating & are for interior use.

Impact Resistant

High traffic areas aren't a problem for these panels.

Liquid proof

Using a closed cell technology, the panels won't absorb liquid.

it's all in the

Each panel is formed from real rustic bricks. With the handmade nature of the panels every nook, crack, and age mark has been captured in stunning detail.

realistic brick texture

Fire proofing,
we got you.

Some applications or installs will require fireproofing, and don't fret. Classic Brick faux brick panels can be purchased in a Class A profile. So now you can get the fireplace mantle of your dreams.

brick panel fireplace

Patterns? We don't have no
stinking patterns.

With the handcrafted and hand painting process, you don't need to fear that you'll see a pattern on your wall. Each color profile has four different molds used to make the panels, so rest assured that you'll be repeating pattern free.

no patterns faux brick panels

Don't worry if you're
all thumbs.

Classic Brick panels are installed using finger joints. They overlap each panel and make for a simple and quick install.

easy to install brick panels

Let's size
it up.

faux brick panel size

WIDTH: 44 1/2"

HEIGHT: 23 3/8"



installation is easy.
faux real.

Modern Brick Panels are amazingly easy to cut and install. No matter if you're installing onto drywall, wood, or almost any substrate, the planks can be installed with nails, screws, or glue. With a few simple tools, a bit of elbow grease, and an hour or two, you can have your brick feature wall.

Install Sheet

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Spec Data

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Cleaning Instructions

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VOC Emission Test Certificate

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Here comes the
hard part.

Now that you know all about the panels, the last thing to do is choose your favorite color.

Faux Classic Brick Panels

Faux Classic Brick Panels

Need the elegant look of modern brick or the rustic look of distressed brick, we have it covered. No matter the brick wall you're looking for, you'll find it here.

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